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a Powerfully Branded Sales Cycle

Find your ideal customers and close more deals with  precision campaigns.

Work with CEO Josh Troy to develop a custom strategy that resonates with leads at every step of their journey.

Live on 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4 at 3PM ET

Can’t make it? All sessions recorded.

What to expect This sprint

Four In-Depth Sessions

Join intimate coaching sessions led by Josh Troy, CEO of Wires From Strangers a full-stack sales agency that has generated over 8 figures in value for their clients.

Tap into Josh’s sales and marketing expertise to launch your custom ad campaign, precision targeted to your ideal customer.   

Session Summary

Session 1 - Attracting Your Perfect Customer

You’ve heard the words “pipeline” and “sales funnel” a lot — and if you know us — you’ve heard about branding even more. 

It’s time to dig into the nuances of what these words mean at every stage of the sales cycle. 

  • Branding & the impact strong messaging has on lead quality
  • Attracting your target buyer persona
  • Driving the conversation with persuasive sales copy

Session 2 - Narrative-Driven Sales Framework

From start to finish, your client’s journey with you is a story. And you’re the one deciding how it ends.

  • Turning strangers into advocates for your brand
  • Crafting messages for audiences that are looking for different things
  • Why storytelling is the most effective sales tool

Session 3 - Building Your Sales Process With a Modern Tech Stack

Your skills are only as effective as the tools you’re using. Efficiency and automation short-cuts will save you time and expand your reach.

  • Essential sales tools
  • Why your CRM is your secret weapon
  • How to start using data to drive growth

Session 4 - Maximizing Revenue Through Strategic Sales Material

From your pitch to your closing deck, everything you put in front of clients needs to build trust in your ability to solve their problems.

  • The secret to a truly personalized pitch
  • Building persuasive arguments on the fly and handling objections
  • Establishing yourself as the authority in any conversation

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Membership Plus

Unlock high-impact sprints and dynamic, live group coaching to supercharge your scaling journey.



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Membership Plus

Unlock high-impact sprints and dynamic, live group coaching to supercharge your scaling journey.




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