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Navigate the NAR Settlement with Expert Precision

Get ahead of the new real estate regulations with Ryan Serhant’s expert guidance, and learn how to transform recent challenges into career opportunities, navigate commission changes, and amplify your value to secure more business.

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Unlock Your Full Potential:
What’s Included in the Training

  • Expert-Led: Gain insights and advice directly from Ryan Serhant, who has navigated the highs and lows of real estate markets for years. 
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in real-life scenarios and role-plays that prepare you for direct negotiations with sellers and their agents. 
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access up-to-date materials that help you understand and implement the necessary changes. 

WHat you'll learn:

Gain a Full Understanding of the NAR Lawsuit

Learn what the NAR settlement means for you and how effectively to navigate the new rules.

Kickstart Your Strategic Adaptation

We break down the changes in commission structures and representation agreements. Learn how to negotiate your terms confidently in a market where transparency is paramount. 

Deploy Your Value Enhancement

Discover how to redefine and articulate your value to buyers, securing yourself as an indispensable asset. 

Begin Innovative Client Engagement

Develop client engagement that aligns with the modern buyer’s needs and expectations, boosting loyalty and referrals.

PLUS GET FREE ACCESS TO a bonus live session

NAR Fallout Community Forum

Join Ryan Serhant and a handful of leading real estate agents for an emergency Q&A and strategy session. We’ll dive into the recent NAR settlement and explore its implications for real estate salespeople. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and strategize with the best in the industry!

Happening this Friday

May 10 at 2:30PM ET

Secure Your Market Position Before the NAR Changes Hit!

Why This Training Is Essential

The NAR settlement has ushered in a new era for the real estate industry, making it crucial for buyer’s agents to establish clear and compelling value propositions.

This course is designed to transform uncertainty into opportunity
helping you turn 
these industry shifts into a competitive advantage. 




Equip yourself with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to excel in the post-NAR lawsuit real estate landscape.